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Is your child growing I.Q.
with plenty of right-brain exercise?


Did you know..? Children
under 10 are right-brain dominant!

  • The right brain is where lateral thinking occurs: problem solving / estimation / comparison / spatial reasoning / overall "big picture" thinking.
  • The left brain can calculate numbers, but the right brain tells you HOW to solve the problem
  • The right brain learns BEST by sensory experience and physical activity - exploring concrete materials with color, texture, weight, size, sound, smell, even taste!
  • Children NEED time to play - connecting materials and ideas before they can attend to abstract mathematical concepts. Yet, conventional methods teach math by memorization and repetition - left-brained tasks such as timed tests,
    flash cards, and redundant homework.
  • The IEM curriculum gives children a wealth of concrete experiences, along with colorful and stimulating educational activities.
  • IEM programs are uniquely suited to the way young children learn math!